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One Day to Pledge, Rock, and Roll!

#61616 was a METRO Ridership Event that took place on the 11th Annual National Dump the Pump Day – June 16, 2016. #61616 celebrated riding METRO and taking advantage of its many benefits, including:

Be more productive!

When you’re riding the bus, you can work, text, and post; things you can’t do when you’re driving.

Save money!

Ride the bus and pay less for gas, parking, and wear & tear on your vehicle. Even better, let the bus be your car and REALLY save.

Improve the environment!

Riding the bus reduces your carbon footprint and helps to improve the air quality in Cincinnati.


#61616 gave people the opportunity to truly experience these benefits, and more, on METRO. All they had to do was pledge to ride METRO on #61616. So simple!

Once they pledged, people received a text ticket to their mobile phone or tablet. On #61616, their text ticket was redeemable for a FREE DAY PASS at one of the four designated METRO bus stops. EVERYONE who entered could redeem their text ticket for a DAY PASS and was entered to win other prizes.

That’s not all! Each of the #61616 METRO bus stops featured free live music and refreshments!

1641 pledges so far!

Thank you to our event sponsors: